Transition to UX Director: is NO management continuity a blessing or curse?

When I accepted my new job, I knew that the previous director had chosen to go to Red Hat, and that the one manager who would be reporting to me planned to retire soon. Well, she retired the Friday before I started.

I told myself that it was a great opportunity to create a great new management team. I did, however, also entertain the thought that I might be crazy for taking the job and not having any kind of management continuity.

I started the job with a whole bunch of direct reports, and no other manager to give me his or her opinions on how to handle any management situation (or to approve time cards, quarterly goals, or expense reports). In my first 90 days, I spent a lot of time reviewing and approving “paperwork”….

So far, from my perspective, it has not been too bad, and I am cautiously optimistic, because we interviewed several great candidates, and  on Monday, Jan. 7, I have  a new first-line manager starting.  We’ll see if the “no management continuity” turns out to be a blessing or a curse. Or maybe it’s won’t matter at all. When I started, I feared that the staff would be really nervous, with all this change happening. To their credit, every single person was very helpful and carried on with their work.

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