Thank you, SolidWorks, it was great, but time for a new adventure at EMC

In my time as a user experience designer at SolidWorks, I got to design Facebook integration into the Student edition (what fun!), attend SolidWorks World, and speak at the local New Hampshire SWUGN.  I also got to work on the design of a whole bunch of super secret stuff that I can’t tell you about 🙂  some of which will be announced at the next SolidWorks world!

While SolidWorks was a fine place to work, I have been wooed away from there to become the director of User Experience (UX) at EMC.  As a director there, I will have a larger role to play in the definition of mobile UX strategy, UI Design guidelines and usability methods.  Everyone at SolidWorks was great.  I am particularly grateful that my boss, Tom Spine (for whom I have worked at 3 different companies!) was understanding and congratulatory.  If any of you UX designers out there are interested in working in Waltham, MA  contact me or Tom!

I will miss pointing out to my kids all the cools stuff that is designed in Solid Works – from the “Ez Freeze Stay-fit” salad container that I got for a departing gift – to the  Smith and Wesson Firearms and the Hermes handbags.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the SolidWorks community members who helped me feel welcome and I wish you the best of success in the future!

  1. #1 by Stephan H. Wissel on October 8, 2012 - 00:54

    Congratulations to the new role. I’m curious what products will benefit from your leadership

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