Lotusphere 2012 from the inside out

Lotusphere 2012 is  just a memory now (well, a memory enhanced by instagram  and flickr and other  photos sites…).

For 14 years I attended as an “insider” – an IBM employee.  This year was my first year not as an IBM employee; I was the guest of business partner panagenda.

During my 14 years as an IBMer, I participated in various ways.  My first several years were as the Sametime UI designer.  We had a pedestal on the showcase floor my very first year. My second year, there was an entire “Sametime lab” that I worked in. After that is a bit of a blur… I do remember being in the meet the developers lab one year as a Sametime representative… and another year, Marty Moore and I were in the Innovations lab demo-ing the Workplace rich client (which  basically became the Notes 8 client).

In the past few years I was in the UX lab (we didn’t always have a UX lab.. can you believe it!!)

I’ve also been a speaker at most of the 15 Lotuspheres I’ve attended.

This year was so familiar… yet different. I felt right at home at the BALD get together (the Bloggers’ informal party at the Big River Brewery on Saturday).

As a “temporary business partner” I thought that Lotusphere 2012 was a great event. The Opening General Session was the BEST in years! The pacing and energy were excellent and I think the OGS team really listened to feedback from last year.

My primary participation this year was working the panagenda booth… I was great at handing out Bucky Balls :).  I also did a BOF with Florian Vogler about managing information and finding the balance between too much and not enough.  I really enjoyed having a different purpose at LS  this year.




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