Social Justice, Social Media

I agreed to teach a high school religious education class next Sunday night. The topic is “What is Social Justice and  what can we do to achieve it.” Since it’s with High schoolers I want to incorporate a “Social meida” component and get them talking/thinking about how, if at all, using social media can help achieve Social justice. I’ve jotted some ideas below, but please – add your thoughts and comments as well!

The story of  Twestival – talk about it, show various tweets

Would you consider “texting a number to make a donation” use of social media?

Would you consider the use of Facebook and the role it played in the Arab spring examples of “Social Justice”?

Does “putting conference t-shirts on e-bay” and having the money go to charity count as using social media for social justice?

Other examples? Thanks in advance for any feedback

  1. #1 by Anna on December 16, 2011 - 14:09

    What a great topic!

    I have been really inspired by examples of “micro-philanthropy” I’ve seen from various bloggers who have collected donations for people in need. Also, some bloggers have written posts about a specific non-profit and then donated $1 per comment to that non-profit, which I also think is a great use of social media.

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