See you at #LS12

Congratulations to my friends who were notified today that they have speaker slots at the IBM Lotusphere 2012 (#LS12) conference.

(And condolences to those who were not chosen!)

 I participated in 12 Lotusphere conferences as an IBMer. And I loved each one of them.  I spoke at most of them — perhaps 8 or 9.   My first speaking gig was 1999, when Sametime was a brand new product. My last was last year, when I did a Show and Tell with Jamie Liu about extending Notes, Sametime and Symphony with Widgets and APIs.
Along the way I did 3 talks with Mat Broomhall and Mark Feinman (and others) about deploying Sametime (I remember rehearsing our timings while sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of the Boardwalk hotel…). One year we had an M&M theme, since our three names began with M. And we threw packets of M&M’s out into the audience.  If any of you readers have ever been at one of my talks ( especially one of my talks at a LUG), you know I am notorious for throwing things out into the audience. It’s my way of keeping you awake. But,  I may have caused a few “M&M concussions” back then. Shortly thereafter we were banned from throwing things into the audience at Lotusphere (sorry, if I ruined it for all the rest of you!)
This year I will have an new perspective – I’ll  be joining Francie Tanner and other Panagenda members at their booth for the conference!
I am no longer an IBMer – I left IBM in September to  do community management and  user experience design in a whole new field ( 3d Modeling for SolidWorks). But  just because I left the company does NOT mean I left the community! I am still very interested in how organizatoins adopt social business  and improve collaboration.  Thus, I am really lucky  to be able to learn from conference sessions and to join the panagenda folks at their booth.
Please find me on the showcase floor and stop by to say hello at #Ls12! See you there!
  1. #1 by Tim Clark on December 8, 2011 - 14:04

    Will be good to see you there. It will be a different for me too.

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