Farewell and Congratulations to my friend and colleage, Marty Moore

My friend and colleage of several years at IBM – Marty Moore – has decided to try his luck at Google. In New York City. In their  Cool new (well new to them) building.

Marty and I worked together on several projects, from Workplace, to Notes 8, to project Vulcan.  I want to publically thank Marty – he’s been a great asset to IBM and just a wonderful, humorous, and reliable person to work with (and the speed with which he can deliver a beautiful mockup intimidates the Hell out of me…).

Here are  some of the highlights of working with Marty.

Marty is tall and in some ways moves  like “Kramer” from Seinfeld…. which always amused me.

I first met Marty when he started working on a project code named “Barcelona” which was all about a new version of Sametime. Bizarrely (is that a word?) enough, I had also just persuaded a guy named Tom Spine to join the Sametime UI design team to work on Barcelona. Tom and Marty (and others like Charlie Hill, who is now the CTO of the IBM Collaboration Solutions group) all worked together on some really cool “Barcelona” designs.  The Bizarre part is – Tom left after a few years at IBM and is now managing a UX team at SolidWorks. Yep. and I now work for Tom. But I digress…

The Workplace years. Marty and Denise Shaw and I holed up in Cambridge, Ma for days and days and came up with the Workplace rich client UI framework. Marty did most of the drawing and I wrote it down. Those ideas eventually really became a lot of Notes 8.

And then he got married. I went to his wedding – it was a lot of fun and we all ate grapes at midnight!

One year for Lotusphere, we did not have a dedicated UX lab – we had UX people peppered throughout the various labs. Marty and I were in the Innovation lab. I made all the UX people wear bright orange safety vests so attendees could identify who was the UX person. Marty was not a fan of that. I wish I had a pic of him wearing one – wait, no- that would be impossible, because he pretty much refused. At least he did not have to wear the 2011 funny hat.

And then he moved to NYC, but I continued to work with him on project Vulcan. Good Luck Marty – I wish you the best.

  1. #1 by collabmatters on November 18, 2011 - 19:41

    So many great people moving on this year!

    Marty has been one of my heros inside IBM since he came over to the UK back in the early days of Connections to canvas opinion on some new design ideas. The way that he dealt with partners and customers alike, the intelligent nature of his probing and the quality of his answers have stayed with me to this day. I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with Marty on a number of occasions since and he has never been anything else than utterly brilliant to work with.

    Marty, good luck at Google (or will it be Mooooogle from now on?), and please stay in touch. We’ll miss you.

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