Can you “Add Social” after you’ve designed an application?

We have several examples of “individual productivity apps” to which have been added “social capabilities” afterward – for example –

Outlook mail. Then add the Outlook Social connector

Lotus Notes – with an IBM Connections  “status updates” and a “files” and an “activities” sidebar (plus other Quickr connectors to trapping attachments)

Ms Office – with  plug-ins for  IBM Connections in which you can do things like add profile info into a Word document  with one click.

Outlook mail – with a “linked in” plug-in.

Are these kinds of integrations/ re fittings working for you? On the one hand, I think they are very important to help pull users from the way they work into a new way of working.  On the other hand, while these retro-fittings might make sense for applications  that have been around for years.. what about new applications?  For example,  if you were designing a new CRM (customer relationship management) application, or a CAD tool, or PLM system (product lifecycle management) —  can you wait to bolt on the “social” aspects after the other parts have been designed, or do these new social aspects need to be taken into consideration from the very beginning?

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